After $74 Million in Funding, Mirror Looks to Have Acquired

Founded in 2016, Mirror is a connected fitness system that streams live and on-demand classes to users at home by using a mirrored display. The company has become very popular, with Mirror receiving $74.8 million in funding to date, with $34 million added during their Series B funding round...

The Sales Roundup: Why Sold for $100,000 and More

In my sales roundup this week, I've chosen five sales from DNJournal's May 13th, 2020 edition of its weekly chart. I'm going behind the names to find out exactly why certain domains sold for the prices they did. This week, I've chosen ($15,000), ($15,000), ($100,000),

Top 7 Domains Owned by PA Gordon:,,, and More

Philip Gordon is a domain investor that I don't know much about, but last month I came across his name twice in two days, firstly discovering that he sold in early 2020, then he sold in May 2020.

I started to wonder about Gordon's other domain names, and it turns out that he has a highly valuable portfolio. According to DomainIQ, he owns around eighty names, all .COM's that were registered in the late '90s. Here, I've picked my top names from his portfolio.

Brent Oxley Adds and To His Portfolio

Brent Oxley's acquisitions are something that I cover a lot on James/Names. I've previously blogged about his acquisition of, and his acquisitions of names such as earlier in the year.

I cover his purchases because they're usually significant premium .COM domains acquired for at least five to six-figures. In a matter of years, Brent has amassed a portfolio of some of the best domains on the planet. He has managed to compile this portfolio thanks to the money he received when he sold his hosting company, HostGator for $300 million.

The Domain Name Checklist – What to Do After Buying a Domain Name

What's the first thing you do when you acquire or register a domain name? Some domainers may already have a slick setup sequence in place for investment domains, but some of you may need a little help with this. Consistently performing the right actions after you have acquired a domain...

Report: Enemy Eyewear Acquired for Just $43,000

As an end-user, how much would you expect to pay for a premium one-word .COM domain name? In Enemy’s case, it took just $43,000 to acquire The price of this name was disclosed by Aaron Marino, the founder of the Enemy sunglasses who may be familiar to some readers...