Sells for $79,444 Here’s the Story

Efty’s co-founder, Doron Vermaat, has revealed another high value domain name sale from his own portfolio.

Following on from sales such as for $60,000 earlier this year, Vermaat has confirmed to me that he has sold the domain name for $79,444

The initial inquiry for the domain came through’s…

Web3 Platform Ego Launched on

Cryptocurrency, NFT, and other Web3 businesses have been major buyers of valuable domain names in the past couple of years. Despite a downturn in Web3 digital asset markets, startups are still keen to build projects on premium domains.

In this instance, a platform called Ego has launched using the…

Educating Buyers: End User Interviews

The major driving force of the domain name market is end-user interest. Without end-user purchases, there wouldn’t be a domain name industry as we know it.

Therefore, educating as many founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs on the benefits of a good domain name is something that all domain investors can profit from.…