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11 of My Recent Favorite Domain Acquisitions Spotted on Twitter


If you are an active domain name investor, Twitter

Manor Downgrades from Manor.com to ManorFinancial.com


This year, I've covered several domain upgrades. Most notably was Stash's upgrade from StashInvest.com to Stash.com and Orchard's upgrade from OrchardHomes.com to Orchard.com. It's a surprise, then, to see a company downgrade.

In 2015, the company Manor (then known as Upside Door) was founded with an aim to help "homeowners maximize and accelerate outcomes related to their homes and associated values." The company has raised a total of $2.7 million in funding and recently announced a partnership with real estate company Xome.

Nothing out of the ordinary there. However, there is when we look at their domain name usage. The company went from Manor.com to ManorFinancial.com, a significant downgrade.

Brent Oxley Also Sold Micro.com in a 6 Figure Financed Deal


Yesterday, I announced that Brent Oxley sold the domain Uno.com in a seven-figure financed deal. Today, I can reveal another name that Brent sold, this time in a high six-figure financed deal.

That name is Micro.com, acquired by Brent in 2019 for an undisclosed fee from, according to WHOIS history KC Micro Specialists Inc. After owning the name for less than a year, Brent reached an agreement to sell the name.

Brent Oxley Sells Uno.com in a 7 Figure Financed Deal


Hostgator founder turned domain investor Brent Oxley has amassed a portfolio filled with some of the most desirable domains on the Internet. From the likes of Broker.com and Create.com to Athlete.com and VT.com, Brent has spent a significant amount of money to create a portfolio anyone would be envious of.

Brent acquires plenty of domains (I’ve reported on countless acquisitions over the last five years), but he sells very few. Today, I can report one name that he has sold in a seven-figure financed deal, and that is Uno.com.

Resolve Physician Agency Acquires Resolve.com via Sedo


Last week, a couple of investors noticed that the domain Resolve.com moved from its longstanding ownership at financial technologies company D+H Ltd into a Sedo holding account.

Jamie Zoch of DotWeekly tweeted the news:

This one-word .COM has just moved out of Sedo's holding account and shows new WHOIS ownership information, signifying that the domain has been sold via Sedo. According to WHOIS, the new owner is the Resolve Physician Agency, a specialist employment agency for physicians.

NAS.com Reportedly Sells for $720,000


We haven't had a seven-figure sale so far this year, but we may just have a new contender for the number 1 sale of 2020 so far.

According to a NamePros post just published by member "Keith", the domain name NAS.com was just sold for $720,000.

According to WHOIS, the buyer is from China.   As of publishing, I haven't received independent verification of the sale, so this is a report of a NamePros post at the moment.

If it is verified, the name will rank as the largest sale of 2020 so far on DNJournal's chart, beating the previous incumbent, OA.com ($614,940) by some margin.