How Much is Worth?


How much is worth in today’s market? Three-letter .COM domain names can range in value from the low five-figure range ($10,000) up to the seven to eight-figure range.

Why is valuable?

Why are three-letter .COM domains such as valuable? Well, let’s take as an example here. is one of just 17,576 three-letter .COM domain names that are in existence. There are over 127 million .COM domain names registered, which means and the other three-letter .COM names represent just 0.014% of all .COM domains. Rarity makes a highly valuable name, especially to investors who pay top dollar to own the world’s rarest names.

There’s also the question of trust and stability. By owning a three-letter domain name like for your brand, you are displaying a sense of trust to your customers or clients. As a consumer, would you trust or more? The right domain name gives an instant sense of trust in a brand to anyone who visits the domain. A sense of stability and permanence also comes from owning a domain name like It shows a long term investment in a brand.

A three-letter domain name can also offer a company some security from data and traffic leakage that is commonplace amongst longer domain names.

These factors, and more, are why is a domain name that has retained its value for two decades. The factors listed above are fine in theory, but let’s take a look at some examples of three-letter .COM sales to back up the overall value of and three-letter .COM’s in general:

Case Studies

Here are several examples of companies that have acquired three-letter .COM domain names within the past few years. If several companies spend six, seven or even eight-figures on a three-letter .COM domain name, it demonstrates clearly that three-letter .COM’s play an intrinsic value in the online brand of savvy businesses. Read our case studies:

For years, was the home of Ice Jewelry. But, in 2018 the brand decided to sell and switch to Their domain name was sold inside three days for .5 million. The buyer? Intercontinental Exchange Inc, a company that operates financial markets such as the New York Stock Exchange. Intercontinental Exchange secured to largely protect their brand, redirecting visitors from to the company’s main website,
What is the first thing you would do if your company just signed a lucrative multi-year deal with Walmart? For this company, it was to spend .5 million on a new domain name. With a 0 million investment from Walmart behind them, Eko upgraded their domain name from to for .5 million. As well as acquiring their exact brand match domain, the purchase of ensured that other popular companies named Eko (such as wouldn’t be able to acquire the name.

“The” is one of the most common words in the English dictionary, so it’s no surprise to see the domain name being actively used. The owners of are harnessing the power of the domain name by calling their company “The Dotcom”. The Dotcom offers a website development platform as a rival to WordPress.

These are just three examples of three-letter .COM domains that have been acquired and put to use by brands willing to invest significant amounts of money into their online identity.

Another means of getting a face-value appraisal for is to take a look at verified domain sales data.

Recent Sales

Below is a list of verified three-letter .COM domain sales from recent years. You can use this data to gauge the value of your own domain name: – $1.5 million (2019) – $300,000 (2019) – $270,000 (2019) – $1.15 million (2018) – $220,000 (2018) – $150,000 (2018) – $325,000 (2018) – $3.5 million (2018) – $300,000 (2018) – $195,000 (2018) – $150,000 (2018) – $500,000 (2018) – $180,000 (2018) – $155,000 (2018) – $220,000 (2018) – $200,000 (2017) – $2 million (2017) – $275,000 (2017) – $198,000 (2017) – $152,000 (2017) – $200,000 (2017) – $2.89 million (2017) – $976,730 (2017) – $345,000 (2016) – $150,000 (2016) – $200,000 (2016) – $235,000 (2016) – $151,500 (2015) – $184,000 (2015) – $150,000 (2015) – $200,000 (2015) – $190,000 (2015) – $150,000 (2015) – $459,000 (2015) – $200,000 (2015) – $200,000 (2015) – $290,000 (2015) – $160,000 (2015)

Further Reading

James Iles, the founder of Iles Media, has performed a couple of interviews with the buyers of two high-value three-letter .COM domain names for their respective companies. These represent real-world usage and give a clear idea as to why domains such as command such a high value. You can access the two interviews here (, and here (


Working out the intrinsic value of the domain name (without any attached content, IP or other considerations) is a difficult process. Automated appraisals cannot be relied upon, and ultimately it comes down to the circumstances surrounding the acquisition or sale of the three-letter domain (with associated factors including motivation to buy or sell, the need for the domain, funding available, and current circumstances).

However, it can be easily proven that domains such as are highly desirable, and previous sales data indicates that this type of name routinely sells for five ($xx,xxx) or six ($xxx,xxx) figures. In some cases, this will be higher.

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