Brent Oxley’s Recent Domain Purchases:,, and More

HostGator founder Brent Oxley has amassed one of the most powerful portfolios of domain names in recent years. Since buying via Sedo for $500,000 in 2015, Brent has gone on to acquire some of the best domains on the Internet, including,, and

He’s also sold a few domain names, too., purchased by Brent from General Motors, was sold to the well-funded fintech startup Curve as an upgrade from Aside from that, Brent has struck deals for, and

Despite the global pandemic that is COVID-19, Brent is still buying domains. Here are some of his most recent purchases: Before being acquired by Brent in April 2020, hosted a basic members-only website that offered services to aspiring models and actors. In the early 2000s, the domain looks to have hosted a more active site that included job opportunities, and a message board. This name was acquired by Brent from broker and investor James Booth. According to NameBio, the sales price was listed at $55,000. LinkedIn shows a fair number of end-users for this domain, who’ll have to offer Brent at least $100,000 to acquire the domain, according to the current landing page The word “Bronco” may be instantly synonymous with the OJ Simpson car chase that lead to Domino’s Pizza’s busiest day on record (at the time), but by definition, “Bronco” is a wild or untamed horse in the western United States. The name was acquired from a Utah individual who owned the name from 2013-2020. Brent added to his strong portfolio of other four-letter .COM domains that includes,, and According to my records, was being brokered by Media Options in 2017, with a $240,000 asking price appearing in one Media Options newsletter at the time. The acquisition price has not been revealed.

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