After $112 Million Funding Round, Stash Acquires


On Saturday, I tweeted that there had been some activity on the valuable domain after the name moved statuses. It seems like I was right in thinking that the domain name may have been on the move!

Stash, a New York-based digital investing and platform has been in business since 2015, using the domain. During that time, Stash has raised an incredible $301.3 million in funding including a recent $112 million round.

It seems like this funding round may have been the catalyst for this acquisition, as around three weeks after the Series F funding was announced, the domain has moved.

According to the recent history of the domain, the sale was handled by Dave Evanson of Sedo, although Dave is not able to give any details of the sale. We can speculate, though, that this may have been a six to seven-figure sale. It’s also unknown whether Stash acquired the domain directly, or through the use of a buyer broker.

The name was owned by PA Gordon, an investor who also owns a number of other highly valuable domains including,, and Coincidentally, PA Gordon also sold earlier this year, which I featured yesterday.

How much do you think this name sold for?

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4 months ago

Goes to show ultimately most if not all want .COM name 🙂

4 months ago

Dave doesn’t aim high.So I would say $250000.