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My Previous Sales… Where Are They Now?: GrabFood.com, Pen.co, StayCool.com and More

Have you ever looked back at your previous domain sales to see how they’re currently being used? While the focus should usually be on the future, curiosity has got the better of me and so today I’m taking a look back.

I’ve chosen a handful of my favorite domain names that I’ve owned and sold to see what they’re being used for now. If you do find this interesting, please let me know and I’ll do it again with a few other investors who have sold better domains than myself.



I sold this domain name in 2019, just a couple of weeks after acquiring it. While I usually stick to .COM, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to acquire a short, common-word .CO name. The domain sold for $8,500 via an inbound inquiry.

Over a year after I sold the name, nothing has happened to it. As of writing, it still holds a default Uniregistry page. It’s relatively common, especially for lower value sales, to never be used.



Another domain I sold via an inbound inquiry. This time the sales price, as reported on NameBio, was $20,000. The name was acquired by Grab, the mobile technology company that started out as Asia’s answer to Uber.

Since then, Grab has expanded its operation and acquired GrabFood.com for its food delivery service. Now, GrabFood.com redirects to Grab’s landing page for the service.



This domain is now in the hands of Brent Oxley and is listed with a minimum $20,000 offer value.



I have been a fan of short, four-character .COM domains. Especially those with repeating patterns and 88ZZ.com is possibly the best I’ve owned. This domain is now in the hands of a Chinese investor and is being forwarded to a Chinese lottery website.

Coincidentally, the reverse ZZ88.com sold at GoDaddy Auctions recently for $13,750.



Another example of a four-character .COM I’ve sold. This one sold for far higher than the usual wholesale price, but curiously it was dropped a year later without ever being used. The domain was then sold at an expiry auction for $1,900, far lower than the price I originally sold for.



As you may have noticed with GrabFood.com, I like two-word .COM’s, especially if they’re an imperative verb or phrase – offering a suggestion or action. This name is now owned by underwear brand Jockey, who owns and operates Jockey.com.

The StayCool.com domain redirects to a web page at Jockey.com that offers products in Jockey’s StayCool material.



I sold this domain to a startup called Amiigo as a direct upgrade from their Amiigo.co domain. Amiigo was a fitness wearable startup that gained some attention for its products, but the brand seems to have shut down now.

The domain expired, and is now available on Sav for a $286.95 fee, as of writing.



This is the only domain I’ve sold to a musician. It was acquired by the management of MNDR, an American singer-songwriter who has collaborated with Mark Ronson, and has won awards from the likes of MTV as the best “web-born artist).

Alongside MNDR.com, I gave them MNDR.net and MNDR.org.



Did you find this interesting? If so, let me know, and I’ll do the same again, but with other investors and their previous sales.

My Previous Sales... Where Are They Now?: GrabFood.com, Pen.co, StayCool.com and More
James Ileshttps://www.jamesnames.com
James Iles is a domain industry commentator and investor, publishing articles at James/Names (jamesnames.com).


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4 months ago

What more could you want? Thanks James.
industry needs more transparency like this.
Posts like this help erase negative stigma doing good (unless case of amiigo ; )

Thanks for opening up. Please do.


4 months ago

‘It’s relatively common, especially for lower value sales, to never be used’
wow…there are levels to this domaining business, you just called a sale of 8,500 a lower value.