The $59,777 Buyer is Revealed

Last week, the domain name sold for $59,777 at an expiration auction at GoDaddy, leading many investors to speculate who the buyer is. At such a high sales price, many assumed that the new owner is an end-user. Those assumptions are correct.

The WHOIS details for the domain name have now changed to show the new owner is Green Seed Technologies, an incubation company based in Utah. One of Green Seed’s most prominent brands is REDX, a piece of real estate software that has proved a hit amongst brokers.

Leading companies such as RE/MAX, Keller Williams, and Century 21 are all users of this software, which has been in operation since 2003. Since that time, REDX has existed on the domain as was unavailable. The ,777 Buyer is Revealed

After the previous owners, RedX Defense, let the name expire earlier this year, a representative from Green Seed participated in the expired domain auction. Since bidding for the domain went so high, it’s likely that another end-user was bidding on the name, too. RedX Pharma could be a candidate as the other bidder, a pharmaceutical company operating on, with a London Stock Exchange symbol of “REDX.”

As of writing, the domain does not resolve to a web page, so it’s unknown whether this name will become the home of Green Seed’s REDX software, or whether it will purely redirect users to

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  1. RedX is also an important engineering problem solving technique, sometimes called Shainin RedX.
    There is huge consulting business around on this.

  2. I was hoping it would be the quality improvement methodology called Red X:

    Oh well. 🙂

    Thanks for the research and follow-up, James!

  3. @Michael & @DomainBoss
    Thanks for the information about Shainin RedX! I hadn’t come across that in my research.

  4. I’m pretty new to all this, but how does an end user know that the name is expiring at auction? (unless they are domainers). Do godaddy reach out to these companies to let them know. If that’s the case, where do domainers fit in?

    1. They’ve likely been tracking this name before now. In some cases, potential buyers like this place a backorder at sites like GoDaddy, so they’re notified if any change occurs with the domain.

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