Brent Oxley Acquires

HostGator founder turned domain investor Brent Oxley has a portfolio packed with ultra-valuable .COM domains. From to, Brent has paid a significant sum for some of the best names in existence.

It looks like Brent has added to that portfolio with the recent acquisition of for a currently undisclosed fee. According to WHOIS history, the domain was acquired from FirstPlace Internet Inc, a Florida company that owns and operates a prized portfolio of names that includes,, and

This isn’t the first name acquired by Brent from FirstPlace Internet, as he also recently acquired from them. Based on results from LinkedIn, there are hundreds of potential buyers for the domain. As of writing, has a $500,000 minimum offer value on, Brent’s own marketplace hosted at Efty.

Elsewhere, Nat Cohen of Telepathy looks to have recently acquired and, two very strong “name” domains to add to his portfolio. Andrew Rosener also announced the acquisition of on Twitter, a supremely valuable name with a multitude of uses.

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