Brent Oxley Adds and To His Portfolio

Brent Oxley’s acquisitions are something that I cover a lot on James/Names. I’ve previously blogged about his acquisition of, and his acquisitions of names such as earlier in the year.

I cover his purchases because they’re usually significant premium .COM domains acquired for at least five to six-figures. In a matter of years, Brent has amassed a portfolio of some of the best domains on the planet. He has managed to compile this portfolio thanks to the money he received when he sold his hosting company, HostGator for $300 million.

Brent already owns domains such as,, and, and now he has added two more stellar names to his lineup,, and

Both of these domains were acquired from Webmagic Ventures LLC, a company that also owns domains such as,, and, according to DomainIQ. Within Brent’s portfolio, he also owns state names such as, and he has previously acquired bigger names such as Could we see heading his way soon, too?

So far this week, we’ve seen some monumental one-word .COM domain deals including Kate Buckley’s sale of for $200,000, and Monte Cahn’s sales of and for $276,077.45 and $60,029.60 respectively. is a name that has obvious uses within a very lucrative industry, and has tens of companies that could end up acquiring this domain. Bike-share company Motivate, acquired by Lyft for around $250 million, currently operates on, for example.


Update 18th June 2020: Brent has also just added, a domain acquired from China.

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