Did MD.com Sell Last Month?

It has been well established that two-letter .COM domains hold significant value for both investors and end-users. Thanks to their scarcity, their ability to instantly instill trust in visitors, and their global appeal, two-letter .COM’s are commonly thought to have at least a mid-six-figure valuation.

Of course, some names are worth more than others. One of the most valuable could be considered to be MD.com, the abbreviation for a Doctor of Medicine (Medicinae Doctor). The domain had long been the jewel in the crown of the Anything.com portfolio, which also contains names such as Friend.com, Squad.com, and Woman.com.

If you visit MD.com today, you’ll see a fully developed site. Based on a blog post from broker Larry Fischer, the site launched in 2013 after spending many years being parked.

According to DomainIQ, this jewel may have sold last month as MD.com moved from Tucows to SafeNames, a registrar and company synonymous with managing portfolios of large companies, in a similar vein to MarkMonitor.

While MD.com still hosts the same website that it has done for several years, the change of registrar could be a significant indication that the name has changed hands. If it has, this would likely be a seven or eight-figure sale.

I reached out to Larry Fischer, founder of GetYourDomain.com, who works closely with the Anything.com portfolio of domains. Larry confirmed that the domain is no longer owned by Anything.com, but couldn’t comment further than this.

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