Domain Name Podcasts: What You Should be Listening To

Last month during a DNAcademy Friday night social, Michael Cyger mentioned that he listens to domain industry podcasts on his daily run. I suddenly realized that while I do subscribe to a few podcasts, I could be listening to more of the great domain industry podcasts that have been released.

So, I posted a Tweet asking for some recommendations for domain industry podcasts. Here, alongside my own recommendations, are some of the domain-centric podcasts of note to keep you up to date with the latest happenings of the domain industry. Note that these are in no particular order.


Domain Name Wire

Aside from being the elite resource for domain name news and opinion, Domain Name Wire’s editor Andrew Alleman produces a weekly podcast. In fact, Andrew is fast approaching his 300th episode of the Domain Name Wire podcast, producing in consistently strong content since its first episode back in October 2014.

In this weekly podcast, Andrew interviews one person of note relating to the domain name industry with guests ranging from brokers and successful investors to attorneys and registrar owners. Andrew also usually includes a recap of the week’s news. Episodes typically last around 40 minutes.

You can access the archive of Domain Name Wire podcasts at DNW’s website, or wherever you usually download your podcasts from.



Founded by Michael Cyger back in 2011, DomainSherpa has been at the epicenter of the domain name community ever since, offering a popular weekly show featuring a panel of expert domainers among other successful content. Since 2017, brokerage powerhouse Media Options has been running DomainSherpa, continuing to producing some of the best weekly videos around.

DomainSherpa is known for its video content, but what if you can’t sit and watch an entire show? Fortunately, DomainSherpa produces a podcast version, too. Available at all major podcast platforms, DomainSherpa shows usually run for just over an hour, and always features insights and stories from some of the best domainers around.


Kickstart Commerce

Created by Austin-based Alvin Brown, Kickstart Commerce’s podcast delivers a weekly interview with some of the industry’s brightest investors and developers. The podcast also occasionally features end-users, with’s Kristen Anderson a prime example.  Episodes usually last up to an hour.

Alvin uses his background as a serial entrepreneur and his passion for digital investment to really get the best out of his guests. The Kickstart Commerce podcast is available at major podcast platforms, or at the appropriately named


Chris Zuiker, .COM Strategies

Chris Zuiker is the head of sales and marketing for brokerage company Media Options. Since entering the domain industry, Chris has been responsible for millions of dollars worth of domain sales and acquisitions with names including,, and

This experience with premium .COM assets puts Chris in an almost unique position of being able to expertly comment on the tricky subject of effectively selling domains. At his website,, and on Apple Podcasts, Chris offers listeners a daily podcast entitled “.COM Strategies”.

One of the shorter podcasts on this list is the daily podcast from domain investor and founder of DNWE, Josh Reason. Every Monday to Friday, Josh briefly recaps some of the top sales from the previous day, giving his opinion on why certain domains may have sold for a certain price, and whether those could be deemed to be good value deals for the buyer.

At ten to fifteen minutes per episode, it’s an easy one to fit into your day, with plenty of educational content packed into those few minutes. Available at most major podcast outlets.


Domain Stories

Alan Dunn is a veteran industry participant and founder of NameCorp, a domain brokerage working on both acquisitions and sales with over $50 million in private transactions completed, according to the NameCorp website. Alan’s company’s previous clients include Facebook, Salesforce, and Discord.

It’s safe to say that during a two-decade career in the domain industry, Alan has a few stories to tell and where better to tell those stories than a podcast called Domain Stories?

Along with guests including broker Mark Daniels and expert attorney Dr. John Berryhill, Alan and his guests offer insights into domain names that you may never have heard before. Available from all major podcast outlets.


The Brandable Insider

The recently-debuted Brandable Insider is an offering for anyone interested in the sometimes confusing world of brandable domain names. Presented by investor Keith deBoer, The Brandable Insider reviews recent brandable domains sold in the aftermarket.

The Brandable Insider has just, as of writing, been added to the Apple Podcasts app, and is also available from, where Keith also occasionally writes.


Thanks to Ravi’s tweet for many of these recommendations.

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