6 Potential End-User Domain Sales You May Have Missed: Yap.com, Amuse.com, and More

I research high value, one-word .COM domains on a regular basis, and every so often I stumble upon a domain that may have sold, which may not have been reported elsewhere. Here, I list six probable domain sales from the past few months.



This three-letter .COM name moved from Tucows to GoDaddy under privacy protection at the start of February 2020, and started to display a website for Yap, an all-in-one digital banking app that was recently founded in Dubai .

This acquisition of Yap.com was an upgrade from Yap.co, a domain that Yap seems to have acquired prior to launching.


In March 2019, Vowel.com was listed for sale at NamePros for $49,000. By April 2019, the name had moved from Enom to NameCheap under privacy protection where it looks to have been acquired by startup Vowel, a company that offers recording and transcribing solutions for meetings.

According to Crunchbase, Vowel was founded in 2018 and has raised $3.1 million to date.


As pointed out by Alan Dunn on Twitter, Hero.com looks like it sold recently. According to WHOIS history, the domain changed from a privacy protected Uni account to a Uni account associated with someone from Guangdong, China.

As of writing, the domain hosts a “coming soon” page. It’ll be interesting to see what comes from this, as the sale of Hero.com was almost certainly in the seven-figure range.


For a long time, the domain hosted a “for sale” page, with Poppy.com associated with a British investor’s portfolio. It looks like the WHOIS details are currently the same, but the nameservers changed around March 2020 for Poppy.com.

At the time of publishing, Poppy.com holds a simple landing page with a link to a Twitter account. That Twitter account is related to a company called Poppy Health from San Francisco. The biography says Poppy is “The world’s pathogen sensing & protection network.”

Last year, Poppy.com held an asking price of £375,000, which is around $475,000.


Another one-word .COM that seems to have moved is Hence.com. This one changed hands around September 2019 and was sold from the Future Media Architects portfolio. Future Media Architects maintains a significant portfolio of names that includes Media.com, Cool.com, and AI.com. The company has previously sold names such as Squeeze.com, Impact.com, and July.com.

Hence.com was acquired by a company offering a bookmarking Chrome extension.


In late January 2020, Amuse.com moved under privacy protection from Enom to GoDaddy, having displayed a “for sale” page for some time before that. It seems like the name has been sold, though.

Up until last week, Amuse.com held a landing page for a cannabis delivery company. According to LinkedIn, the company, Amuse, was founded in 2020 with an aim to reinvent the way that consumers order and consume cannabis. The company is based in California. As of publishing, the redirects to a nondescript login page.


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