Brent Oxley Adds to His Portfolio

Hostgator’s founder has acquired another stunning premium domain. This week, I chose my top ten domains from Brent’s current portfolio at, but it looks like he has just added another monster of a one-word .COM domain to his portfolio.

His latest addition is Acquired from a privacy-protected account at registrar, could easily be turned into a luxury brand as the word is synonymous with yachting.

Marina is also a popular first name. According to LinkedIn, there are some very popular companies using the word “Marina” in their respective company names including Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and Marina Maher Communications in New York.

It’s unknown how much Brent paid for, although it wouldn’t be surprising to see this name acquired for a low six-figure fee, possibly in the $150,000 to $200,000 range. As of writing, the domain has a minimum offer value of $250,000 at

Thanks to James Booth for the tip.

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