Top Domains Owned By Brent Oxley (2021 Edition):,, and more

Back in 2002, Brent Oxley founded HostGator whilst studying at Florida Atlantic University. During his decade in charge of HostGator, he built the customer base to over 200,000 clients and employed over 500 members of staff. After selling HostGator to Endurance International Group in 2012 for $300 million, Brent turned to domain names as investments.

He has owned and operated services on domains such as,,, and, but today, we’re looking at the top domains from Brent’s portfolio that he has listed for sale at Incidentally, if you have a chance, have a look at Brent’s full portfolio that he has listed for sale. It’s incredible to think that he has amassed this portfolio in the last five years.

One of the most desirable domains on the Internet for markets such as real estate, domain sales, stocks, and more. Brent acquired this domain in 2016 for $375,000, but it’s certainly worth far more than that. As of writing, the domain is on offer at with a minimum offer value of $2 million. The list of potential end-users who would pay that price and more to own is almost endless.

DocuSign, PandaDoc, and Docsketch are just three of hundreds of services that offer online document signing. Aside from that, the word “Document” is synonymous with Microsoft Office or Google Docs. In short,, which Brent acquired for an undisclosed fee, is a highly desirable name that currently carries a minimum $250,000 offer value at was previously owned by leading SaaS provider Merrill Corp (now doing business as Datasite).

Aside from being a memorable three-letter .COM, Uno is the Spanish word for “One”. According to LinkedIn, Uno is a popular company name, with tens of valuable companies using the Uno brand name. The name was previously owned by United Online Inc, a company that offers Internet access products.

According to their website, United Online Inc is currently offering a handful of domains for sale including,, and

Update: September 17th, 2020 at 3.38 PM BST, Brent has sold the domain in a seven-figure financed deal. has the potential to be a superb sports brand. With the fitness industry worth around $100 billion globally, it takes a strong online presence to be able to rival the dominance of companies such as Nike. Athlete may be one of just a handful of domain names available today that may be able to do just that. Brent has owned this name since 2018, and the domain holds a $300,000 minimum offer value.

This domain is still listed for sale on, but Brent Oxley seemingly has plans for the domain. It looks like he may be about to re-enter the hosting business, as displays a simple landing page advertising a new hosting product to launch in 2020. According to an article from late 2018, Brent has been planning this for a while.

No ultra-valuable portfolio is complete without a two-letter .COM domain. With just 676 available, two-letter domains hold their value extremely well, and represent desirable assets for both investors and end-users. Acquired by Brent from GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio, “VT” can stand for a number of different things including Vermont, Video Tape, and Virtual Tourist.

I interviewed Brent Oxley after he acquired this domain name for $500,000 back in 2015. At the time, Brent had planned to create a charity using That doesn’t seem to have happened yet, as the domain is still listed for sale as of writing with a $2 million minimum offer value. It’ll be interesting to follow this name to see whether as a charity comes to fruition.

The second three-letter domain on our list is Acquired by Brent in 2018, for an undisclosed fee, has so many potential uses across tens of different markets. As a direct comparison to’s value, sold several years ago for $700,000.

Bonjour is a word that is known and recognized by people all over the world. Even if you don’t speak French, you’ll likely know what Bonjour means. Even if you don’t, you may know about Apple’s Bonjour software or one of the hundreds of companies that use “Bonjour” in their brand names.

Brent acquired for an undisclosed fee after being marketed by broker Tracy Fogarty, founder of eNaming.

This is one of Brent’s most significant recent acquisitions. Acquired in early 2020 for an undisclosed fee, represents one of the most desirable domains in the global privacy protection industry. Privacy rights are one of the most contentious subjects at the moment, especially in consideration of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act).

Encryption of data is highly important, with the encryption industry estimated to be worth $2.98 billion globally. The domain may also have uses within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.


Which is your favorite domain from Brent Oxley’s portfolio?

Brent Oxley is Known for HostGator, and his Domain Portfolio

Some of the best names in Brent Oxley‘s portfolio include:


Since this was originally published, Brent Oxley has acquired more domain names such as,,, and He currently holds a portfolio of around 172 domains on his Efty account.

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