Dave Evanson Sells Memento.com for $148,000

Sedo’s Dave Evanson has a history of recording six and seven-figure sales. In 2020 along, he has sold names such as Profitable.com for $200,000, and ElectricCar.com for $180,000. Today, Dave has announced another one-word domain that he’s sold for a six-figure fee.

The domain is Memento.com, and it was sold for $148,000 according to a tweet from Dave:

According to DomainIQ, Memento.com was sold on behalf of Syngenuity Limited, a company that is listed as owning other names including WUN.com, Quin.com, and FightingTalk.com among over a thousand other domains.

As of writing, Memento.com is pending a transfer, so it’s unclear who the buyer is. Although, based on Crunchbase’s search results, it could be one of a number of companies called Memento.

Inferior names such as Memento.photo are already developed, as well as names such as MementoPayments.com, and Icelandic payment platform that has raised over $750,000 in funding to date.

Based on the Crunchbase and trademark listings for the term “Memento,” it has a wide usage across many industries, making it difficult to determine who actually bought the name. However, at $148,000, it does seem like an end-user purchase rather than an investor.

It’ll be interesting to see where this name ultimately ends up, but regardless, Memento.com’s $148,000 sale should chart as the fifteenth highest sale of 2020 behind another Sedo sale, that of BettingTips.com for $150,000.

Do you think that $148,000 was a good sales price for Memento.com?

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