Mike Mann Announces $39,888 Sale of BloodBalance.com

Domain investor and founder of DomainMarket.com, Mike Mann, took to Twitter on Saturday night to announce his latest significant domain sale, that of BloodBalance.com for $39,888.

According to Mike’s tweet, he acquired the domain in July 2017 for $19, likely from an expired auction or a GoDaddy closeout listing. According to WHOIS history, the domain was owned by a doctor from California before it transferred to Mann’s possession.

What makes the term “Blood Balance” so significant that someone would pay $39,888 for it? Based on some quick Google-ing, a product has recently been released called Blood Balance Formula which is a supplement that supposedly supports the body against hypertension.

Who bought the domain? As of writing, BloodBalance.com still seems to be in the possession of Mike’s company, but a followup to Mike’s earlier tweet may have signaled that the buyer was Nutrition Hacks, the creator of the Blood Balance Formula. They are currently using the domain TheBloodBalance.com, so this would be a direct domain upgrade.

This sale comes weeks after the domain industry veteran Mann dropped 50,000 domains from his vast portfolio. After this cull, Theo Develegas reported that Mike has dropped a further 16% of his portfolio, bringing his domain total down to around 250,000 names.

With 250,000 names in his portfolio, that would still put Mike’s renewal bill somewhere in the region of $2 million per year. His company needs to produce these significant returns on investment.

Nonetheless, turning a $19 purchase into a $39,888 sale is impressive.

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