5 Resources to Educate Domain Buyers


Comparable sales are one of the best ways of supporting your domain’s asking price. In a similar way to real estate, having recent similar sales data can offer buyers some needed guidance.

Fortunately for the domain industry, we have an invaluable resource available thanks to Ron Jackson. Since 2003, DNJournal has been independently verifying and publishing domain sales. For added credibility, DNJournal has been featured on the likes of Forbes, BBC News, and the New York Times.



If DNJournal isn’t enough, there is an entire domain name sales database available for anyone to search through. The beauty of NameBio is that you can be extremely specific in your searches.

That means that you can narrow down your search results to back up your asking price. NameBio, with its $1.9 billion worth of domain sales listed, is the perfect way to provide a buyer with a source for highly specific related domain sales that back up your asking price.



As a domain buyer, the best way to fully educate yourself not only on the value of a specific domain name but on the whole domain name industry, in general, is to get an education from the best educator in the business.

Michael Cyger, founder of DomainSherpa and more recently DNAcademy, has compiled a comprehensive course that has provided an education to individual investors through to representatives of companies such as GoDaddy and Sedo.

Anyone not familiar with the industry who is looking for an immersive educational experience would do well to visit DNAcademy.



Another site from Michael Cyger is the wordy HowMuchIsADomainNameWorth.com. This is designed as a quick guide to real-world domain name valuation that you can send to a potential buyer.

The site offers direct, simple to follow comparisons with real estate alongside prominent examples of notable entrepreneurs and companies that have paid significant fees for a domain name.


Case Studies

One of the best ways to educate a potential buyer is to show them a success story from someone who has already taken the step to buy a high-value domain name. For several years, I have been interviewing end-users to get their stories on buying a premium domain.

There are numerous examples at NamePros, and more recently, I’ve teamed up with Media Options to produce a series called “On the Record” which profiles the acquisition of premium, one-word .COM domains. One of my favorite interviews was with Woody Levin, the founder of Extend. His company acquired the superb Extend.com.

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