6 Things You Can Do With DomainIQ

Operated by the owners of Estibot, DomainIQ is a set of tools that were created to give users detailed information on a particular domain name, the registrant, and more. The data from DomainIQ helps numerous industry professionals and blogs to delve deeper into domain names.

There are other suites of tools available from providers such as DomainTools, but the DomainIQ toolset is the focus here. In this article, we look at six things that you can do with a DomainIQ account.

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Comprehensive WHOIS

One of the most basic tools available at DomainIQ is the ability to find up to date WHOIS details for a domain name. Unregistered users get access to a number of details including raw WHOIS data, registrar information and nameserver details. Alongside this, you get access to the domain’s Alexa ranking, backlink details and estimated monthly visits. As a domain investor, this basic data can be vital in deciding whether or not to pursue a domain acquisition.

Naturally, paid account owners will get access to a little more data including the domain’s Estibot appraisal.


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WHOIS History

Paid account owners will get access to some interesting WHOIS history details. With most domain names, you will be able to see WHOIS history dating back to around 2003, allowing you to track WHOIS data from most domain names.

WHOIS history, in general, is a useful tool to have since it can help with acquisitions, tracking down a difficult-to-find owner or checking whether a domain name could have been stolen.


Reverse WHOIS

Have you ever been curious to see the other domain names owned by a certain person? Perhaps you’re interested in seeing a list of domains that are owned by a prominent domain investor, or you’re keen to find out which domains are owned by a specific company. Reviewing a full portfolio can be useful when finding domain names to acquire and fortunately DomainIQ has some excellent tools available for finding related domains.

By looking up a specific domain, email address or name, you’ll be presented with a “related domains” tab. With the appropriate membership level, it’s easy to explore a list of all domains related to that person or company, with options to download the results to your computer.


Reverse DNS

In a similar vein to reverse WHOIS, DomainIQ’s toolkit includes another useful feature to help you discover new domain names. Reverse DNS allows you to look through all domain names hosted on a specific nameserver. After typing nameserver in the search box provided by DomainIQ, you’ll be presented with a list of domain names using that server, complete with email addresses and registrar information. Based on your account level, you’ll have access to a different amount of listed domain names.



A tool that is regularly used to produce NamePros’ Detected Domains series is DomainIQ’s monitoring tool. With this clever piece of kit, you’ll be able to create custom monitors for specific domain names, keywords and more. Registrant, registrar and DNS monitoring services are also available, enabling you to keep track of specific domains or activity that’s taking place within a portfolio.

Monitoring reports can be viewed via DomainIQ’s website, or they can be sent to an email address of your choice daily.


Portfolio Analysis

An extremely useful tool for domain investors with larger portfolios has to be DomainIQ’s portfolio analyzer. With the ability to give you almost instant statistics about a specific set of domain names, the tool will build a custom report giving a full overview of the domains you’ve submitted.

The portfolio analysis tool will break down your list of domains, showing you statistics generated from DomainIQ’s database. Extension, language and registrar details can be viewed in the form of a pie chart. For those looking to monitor their own portfolios, there is a breakdown of DNS settings used, enabling you to see where your domains are pointing and allowing you to make changes if necessary.


How does DomainIQ compare with DomainTools?

Both DomainIQ and DomainTools have similar core product offerings, so which is better? For comprehensive WHOIS history and in-depth analysis, DomainTools’ data cannot be surpassed. However, with DomainIQ’s monthly membership starting from $24.95, you are still getting plenty of data for your money, and that data is adequate for most users.


Disclosure – this is not being sponsored by, nor am I associated with DomainIQ or its parent company. This article contains an affiliate link.

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