Here’s How to Know Whether Your GoDaddy Domains Are Popular

Have you ever wondered just how popular your domain names are? At our disposal, we typically have data from traffic and possibly the number of inquiries received to determine the popularity of your domain. Knowing how popular your domain is may help you to ascertain its value.

Did you know that there is another way to gauge the popularity and potential interest in your domain name(s)? This tip will work with any domain names registered to GoDaddy. Other registrars may have similar data available, but I simply know about GoDaddy’s offering. That offering is WHOIS count.

The WHOIS count tells you how many WHOIS lookups each of your domain names have received in:

  • the previous day
  • the previous week
  • the previous month
  • the current day
  • the current week
  • the current month

Here’s how to access that data.

1. Go to your GoDaddy account

First, go to your GoDaddy account. You can access it by going to

Your account page should look something like this:


If it doesn’t, click on this button to get to that view:

2. Click on export

In the row of buttons directly above your domain names, click on “Export”:

3. Change the settings

A pop-up box appears with some options. The report namefile format, and file compression are options you should choose for yourself, but make sure that the export options and display columns settings look like this:

Then click “OK”.

4. Download the data

Your download may be available almost immediately. If that’s the case, click on the “download now” link:

If it isn’t available immediately, just click on “settings” in the top menu, and click on “exported lists” where your download will be listed:

5. Read the data

Once you open the data, scroll along to the final six columns of the spreadsheet, where you’ll find WHOIS data counts laid out. The data is from the number of WHOIS lookups made for each of your domain names via GoDaddy’s website ( It can be argued that the higher the count, the higher the overall interest in your domain name is.

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