Top 5 Domains Owned by Companies Associated With Garrett Camp:,, and More…

Garrett Camp is one of the most notable figures of the modern business age. The billionaire Canadian entrepreneur founded StumbleUpon, and more notably, co-founded Uber where the majority of his wealth came from. Since leaving Uber, Garrett has created numerous startups and helped many more through his Expa incubator.

This article was inspired by a tweet from Garrett Camp in 2019, in which Camp reeled off a number of supreme domain names of companies he was involved in. Here are some of those domains.

Mix is almost like the StumbleUpon 2.0. Founded by Garrett, Mix offers a personalized discovery platform for a curated Internet. As for the domain, looks like it was acquired in early 2015, over two years before Mix was launched.

This 1991 domain was previously owned by a consulting company, and the price paid for hasn’t been disclosed.

The ride-hailing company has come a long way since its days as a small startup operating under the name UberCab. Once Uber made the decision to change its brand from UberCab to simply Uber, Garrett and his team went about acquiring the domain.

The domain was owned by Universal Music, who sold it to Uber for the equivalent of $107,148 in equity. Universal Music cashed out in Uber’s Series A funding round, netting the company $863,000. Wall Stree Journal, via DomainNameWire, estimates that if Universal Music had waited until Uber’s IPO to cash out, they would have made $532 million. Ouch!

Another three-letter .COM acquired by Garrett for one of his companies. Acquired around July 2016, is another name that was purchased well before the company’s creation date. Alongside the domain name, Eco uses the @Eco Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram handles.

Eco itself is listed as being founded in 2018 and provides a digital global cryptocurrency platform. As of writing, Eco is only offering early access to its service.

After,, and, seems a little boring – a little pedestrian. However, it makes a great brand name, especially for the project Garrett has created around the name.

Operator helps to connect shoppers with products in a similar manner to an old-fashioned phone network in which operators connected users to the right phone number.

Garrett and his co-founders acquired this name in late 2013 before launching the company in 2014. As with Eco, the company owns the exact-match Twitter handle, @Operator.

This company wasn’t founded by Garrett, but he is a board member. Input is a collaborative notes app designed for teams to use across multiple platforms.

Using as well as the @Input Twitter handle, Input has grown to be a popular product for distributed teams.

The domain looks to have been acquired in 2013 from software company Deltek. The acquisition may have been made by Garrett since the domain moved from MarkMonitor to Safenames in 2013, the registrar where Garrett’s other domains are held.

As with Input, Spot is another company that Garrett hasn’t founded, but looks to have played a key role in developing. On Spot’s website, based on the domain, there is a small credit to Expa, Garrett’s startup incubator.

Again, as with, is under ownership at Safenames after an acquisition in 2014. Perhaps Garrett acquired this name, too, and is leasing it to this startup.

Garrett’s incubator Expa participated in air travel company Aero’s Series A funding round and, like all the other names on this list, is owned under privacy protection at Safenames, a possible indicator that Garrett maintains ownership of this domain, too. The domain was acquired in 2016, three years before Expa participated in Aero’s Series A funding round.

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