11 of My Recent Favorite Domain Acquisitions Spotted on Twitter

If you are an active domain name investor, Twitter is one of the most convenient ways to connect with other domain investors. From new domainers up to seasoned professionals, domaining Twitter has the lot.

When it comes to sales and acquisitions, some investors are more open than others. Recently, there have been a number of acquisitions mentioned on Twitter and I have listed my eleven recent favorites. If you have your own acquisitions you’d like to announce, feel free to leave a comment.

Andrew Rosener: NFT.com and OffTheMarketForever.com

MediaOptions’ CEO Andrew Rosener announced the acquisition of two names recently, NFT.com and OffTheMarketForever.com.

The NFT.com domain, originally registered in 1995, has taken on a new meaning thanks to the term “Non-Fungible Tokens” which are rare digital items based on blockchain. NFTs are described by some as the digital equivalent to buying antiques or artwork in the real world.

As for OffTheMarketForever.com, this name has some personal meaning to Andrew as it is his signature phrase and hashtag used in conjunction with end-user acquisitions of valuable .COM domains. The name, according to Drew’s Twitter, was gifted to him by broker Tracy Fogarty. Hopefully Drew puts the name to use soon.


Andy Booth: Pulse.com & Imperial.com

Andy and his brother James are no strangers to acquiring some of the best one-word .COM’s out there. They have a stellar collection of names and it seems they’ve added to it recently, with Andy revealing the acquisitions of Pulse.com and Imperial.com.

Pulse.com is a name that screams versatility. It could be put to use in industries such as fitness, health, news, research, politics, and more. In fact, Crunchbase lists tens of highly suitable potential buyers for the domain.

Imperial.com looks to have been acquired from a company called Emergent Capital Inc for an undisclosed fee. It now hosts Andy’s domain brokerage site, as an offshoot from his Evolve.com business.


Bar Franek: Jaguar.io, HealthScore.com

Bar Franek has been a buyer of premium .IO names for some time, and has famously sold names such as Jackpot.io for $48,500. Bar is still acquiring .IO names, announcing recently that he purchased Jaguar.io. According to WHOIS history, the name had expired earlier this year. It’s unknown whether this was a private deal or an expiry auction purchase.

Aside from another top one-word .IO, Bar acquired HealthScore.com, an incredible name for the health and fitness industry.


Hiren Patel: MyForce.com

Hiren Patel may be most well known for his sale of ElectricCar.com for $180,000 in 2020. He has acquired some desirable domains recently, including AllX.com, but one of his most recently disclosed purchases was MyForce.com.

“My” keyword domains have a history of selling as premium brand names. The likes of MyWorld.com ($1.2 million), MyMeeting.com ($164,100), and MyConcierge.com ($87,000) look like promising comparisons for MyForce.com.


SuperNames: Roza.com

SuperNames announced their acquisition of the name Roza.com recently, a CVCV .COM domain that has a multitude of meanings in various languages. Roza is also a first and last name. In the tweet announcing the acquisition, SuperNames tagged Eric Roza, the CEO, and owner of the fitness phenomenon CrossFit.


Aishwin Vikhona: Sovi.com, Stencil.net

Aishwin Vikhona maintains a portfolio filled with four- and three-letter .COM names including Yot.com, VMR.com, and Menz.com. Recently, Aishwin announced the acquisitions of Sovi.com, another premium four-letter .COM, and Stencil.net, a solid one-word .NET domain.

Aishwin also previously disclosed purchases of Bootstrapper.com, and Exuberance.com.


Elliot Silver: ChiefMedicalOfficer.com

Elliot, the publisher of DomainInvesting.com and owner of Top Notch Domains LLC, announced that he acquired the domain ChiefMedicalOfficer.com. That name fits well with the two similar domains he holds – ChiefHealthOfficer.com and ChiefFitnessOfficer.com.

Which is your favorite name from this list?

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