Brent Oxley Also Sold in a 6 Figure Financed Deal

Yesterday, I announced that Brent Oxley sold the domain in a seven-figure financed deal. Today, I can reveal another name that Brent sold, this time in a high six-figure financed deal.

That name is, acquired by Brent in 2019 for an undisclosed fee from, according to WHOIS history KC Micro Specialists Inc. After owning the name for less than a year, Brent reached an agreement to sell the name.

All that Brent revealed was that the sale was for a high six-figure fee financed over a long period of time. Like, we can speculate that this may be a five to ten-year deal term.

Also like, we currently have very little idea as to who the new owner is. As of writing, there’s an empty Shopify page hosted at WHOIS data for the name is obscured thanks to Enom’s GDPR policy, but it does disclose the registrant is listed as residing in California.

It will be interesting to see what comes of

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