Brent Oxley’s Latest Purchase:

Hostgator founder turned domain investor Brent Oxley has acquired a new domain name to add to his collection of stellar one-word, two-letter, and three-letter .COM’s. That name is

In comparison to some of Brent’s other names such as, and, this name may not rank as one of his best, but it’s still a versatile name that has positive connotations and possible commercial use. It is, however, easily misspelled. I for one had to double check the spelling, not mistaking it for “Complement.”

According to WHOIS history, the name has been owned by at least a couple of domain investors over the past few years, with showing the name was listed for sale at Namerific in 2018 for $79,000.

Brent’s acquisition price is currently unknown but I would be surprised if he paid anywhere close to that fee. On Brent’s marketplace website,, the name is listed with a $75,000 minimum offer value. What do you think of Brent’s latest purchase?

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