Buyer of for $49,995 Revealed

Earlier this week, domain investor and broker James Booth revealed that he had completed the sale of the domain for $49,995:

The WHOIS data for still shows the name is officially in Escrow, but the nameservers have been updated to display a website for Sun Finance, which is described as “a social experiment dedicated to the advancement of TRON’s DeFi.”

The Sun Finance project seems to be linked to the founder of the cryptocurrency platform TRON, Justin Sun, who is also listed as the CEO of BitTorrent.

According to Sun Finance’s Twitter page, genesis mining of $SUN starts on September 2nd (today), and the domain name will be used in conjunction with to allow users to join the mining efforts:

The company has created a Medium post detailing Sun and its genesis mining program, for anyone interested in that.

After selling, James still owns a handful of premium .IO names. According to his site, those names currently include,, and

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