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Leo Radvinsky – Another Venture Capitalist That Loves Domains, Namely Leo.com and LR.com

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In the past, I’ve featured Paul Graham and Jason Calacanis on this blog. Two famous venture capitalists who recognize the part that domain names play in the success of a startup.

Jason has even acquired his fair share of top domain names. After selling 20.com a couple of years ago, Jason still owns and operates Inside.com – a popular curated newsletter service.

Today, I came across another venture capitalist who owns a couple of incredible domains – Leo Radvinsky.

This Chicago-based investor has a rich history with the Internet, reportedly making his fortune by building successful companies in the Internet advertising, web hosting, and software development fields.

Today, Leo Radvinsky owns and operates the Leo.com venture capital fund. The domain Leo.com looks to be a name that Radvinsky acquired in 2012 for a reported price of $120,000, after it was flipped twice.

According to this report, Leo.com was purchased by Andy Booth for $50,000 before reportedly flipping it to Robert Kalfayan, who subsequently sold the name for $120,000 to Leo Radvinsky.

More recently, Leo looks to have acquired LR.com after this valuable two-letter .COM name moved from a Chinese registrant to the US in August 2020. That domain forwards to LeoRadvinsky.com, so it’s highly likely that Leo purchased LR.com. Based on previous two-letter .COM sales, LR.com would be a six- or seven-figure acquisition.

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Leo Radvinsky - Another Venture Capitalist That Loves Domains, Namely Leo.com and LR.com

After Getting $106,769 for VanInsurance.co.uk, the Seller Wants $150,000 for VanInsurance.uk

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The legal cannabis business is now a multi billion dollar machine. Since the legalization of cannabis in many US states, businesses have popped up to take advantage of interest and demand.

Domain sales based around cannabis have also been rife with names such as Kush.com selling for $500,000, and Extract.com selling for a reported $300,000.

Top 8 Domains Owned by Branded Holding Group

Branded Holding Group is a company that you may have come across if you've ever done any research into two-letter, or one-word .COM's. Founded by Roland Chemtob, Branded Holding Group is notable for owning some of the best names on the planet. The group looks to have sold some domains including Chief.com and possibly RG.com and Wonder.com, but they still own a vast number of premium names.

Here is my pick for the best names listed as owned by Branded Holding Group.