Looks to Have Been Sold by Telepathy, After Reportedly Sells for £83,000

Telepathy Inc, the domain investment portfolio founded by industry veteran Nat Cohen, has a penchant for short names. The company is listed as owning hundreds of three-letter .COM’s, and also several two-letter .COM’s.

It seems that Telepathy may have sold one of its two-letter .COM’s after was transferred out of Telepathy’s account to a NameCheap account. At the same time, the domain’s nameserver data was updated. As of writing, the WHOIS data connected to’s owner has been redacted for privacy purposes.

At the time of publishing, is forwarding to for me (this could be different based on your geographical location), another domain that looks to have been sold recently. Up until August, displayed a for sale page, but according to a report on, sold for £83,000, which currently equates to around $110,000 USD. This sale, if ranked by NameBio, would be the second-largest two-letter .CO.UK sale ever listed on NameBio, behind this year’s sale of the similar ( for $235,007.

As for, that previously forwarded to Guta’s website, the premium domain brokerage company founded by George Hong. Guta is often chosen to broker short liquid domains thanks to its deep links to China.

According to’s results for redirection data on, the buyer for both domains could be LeTou a global gaming brand with a strong presence in Asia. LeTou is a partner of Italian football team Inter Milan., the company’s current domain, is also registered at NameCheap.

Update: George Hong, the founder of Guta domain name brokerage has confirmed via Twitter that he brokered the sale of the domain name in an undisclosed deal, reported to be in the seven-figure range:

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