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This year, I’ve covered several domain upgrades. Most notably was Stash’s upgrade from to and Orchard’s upgrade from to It’s a surprise, then, to see a company downgrade.

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In 2015, the company Manor (then known as Upside Door) was founded with an aim to help “homeowners maximize and accelerate outcomes related to their homes and associated values.” The company has raised a total of $2.7 million in funding and recently announced a partnership with real estate company Xome.

Nothing out of the ordinary there. However, there is when we look at their domain name usage. The company went from to, a significant downgrade.

In January 2019, Upside Door rebranded to Manor. The company looks like it struck a deal with Digimedia, the owners of, to use the domain. Perhaps on a lease or lease-to-own deal.

Manor used the domain to host their website and promote their product through 2019 and into 2020. According to WHOIS history, by July 2020 the domain reverted back to using Digimedia’s nameservers (, and and also started redirecting to Digimedia’s website.

By September 2020, showed Digimedia as the owners again, ending the eighteen months or so when the domain was under WHOIS privacy protection.

Manor now uses Why did Manor move from to We can only speculate. Perhaps the company felt the domain wasn’t getting enough of a return on investment to warrant payments for

After publishing this article, Josh Reason gave another possible valid explanation for stopping use:

This isn’t the first time a downgrade has happened. As I tweeted last year, a company called Kudos sold a promptly rebranded to the not so elegant “spot.lite”:

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  1. Wow. The mind boggles. I recall a similar story when I picked up They sold the name in the mid five figures in around 2017 and decided instead to use something like Someone should have been fired for that.


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