Reportedly Sells for $720,000


We haven’t had a seven-figure sale so far this year, but we may just have a new contender for the number 1 sale of 2020 so far.

According to a NamePros post just published by member “Keith”, the domain name was just sold for $720,000.

According to WHOIS, the buyer is from China.   As of publishing, I haven’t received independent verification of the sale, so this is a report of a NamePros post at the moment.

If it is verified, the name will rank as the largest sale of 2020 so far on DNJournal’s chart, beating the previous incumbent, ($614,940) by some margin.

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Michael Anthony Castello
Michael Anthony Castello
15 days ago

That’s a big sale for a three letter non-word .com
Congratulations to the seller.

AbdulBasit Makrani
AbdulBasit Makrani
15 days ago

A great sale by Keith! Congrats to both parties.