Resolve Physician Agency Acquires via Sedo

Last week, a couple of investors noticed that the domain moved from its longstanding ownership at financial technologies company D+H Ltd into a Sedo holding account.

Jamie Zoch of DotWeekly tweeted the news:

This one-word .COM has just moved out of Sedo’s holding account and shows new WHOIS ownership information, signifying that the domain has been sold via Sedo. According to WHOIS, the new owner is the Resolve Physician Agency, a specialist employment agency for physicians.

The Missouri-based company currently operates on the domain, so it looks like this is a significant upgrade for the brand. was on an “exclusive top picks” list sent to me by Sedo at the beginning of June, so it’s possible that this was a Sedo brokered transaction rather than a simple marketplace deal. An archived copy of the sales page reveals that the minimum offer value was $100,000.

It seems that Sedo has had a long-standing relationship with the domain, with Sedo’s broker Dave Evanson tweeting in 2019 that the company was exclusively brokering the name at the time:

Is it surprising to see the Resolve Physician Agency revealed as the buyer? According to Crunchbase, there are several other companies out there that would logically benefit from owning

Firstly, there’s financial management platform Resolve, with $5.2 million in funding, using the domain Then, there’s a payment B2B financing company called Resolve using

Both of these companies, who will no doubt be receiving sensitive financial information via email, have lost out on the chance to own, leaving themselves vulnerable to email leakage amongst other potential branding and security issues.


Update September 16th, 10:36am BST – Dave Evanson emailed me to confirm that he did broker the sale of the domain, although the price will not be disclosed.

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