$94,888 Buyer of LightRock.com Revealed

Last week, I wrote about Mike Mann’s $94,888 sale of LightRock.com, a sale that Mann announced on social media, as he does with many other five-figure deals:

At the time of publishing, the identity of the two-word .COM domain’s buyer was unknown, with LightRock.com in the process of transferring to its new owner. I speculated on the possible purchaser, but I was wrong.

WHOIS shows that the new owner is Lightrock Holding AG, a company based in the European principality of Liechtenstein. From further digging, it looks like the same company recently registered the domain “lightrock.li”, with .LI being the ccTLD for Liechtenstein.

From that data, I believe that Lightrock Holding AG is linked to LGT, a large private banking and asset management company with offices in 20 different companies. LGT holds a head office in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, and operates on LGT.com.

LGT does have an investment arm called LGT Lightstone, so perhaps Lightrock Holding AG and LightRock.com will be connected to this.

As of publishing, LightRock.com still forwards to an Afternic “for sale” page, so it’s intended usage isn’t known at this stage.

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