Brent Oxley’s Latest Purchases:,, and More

HostGator founder Brent Oxley has been in the news recently thanks to his development of into a brand new hosting service. According to TechRadar, Oxley is getting closer to launching the hosting company after signing a new office lease in Houston, Texas.

Despite all this, Brent has continued to pick up some valuable domain names. Here are Brent’s recent purchases., a four-letter .COM to add to Oxley’s already impressive collection that includes,, and According to my records, was featured in the newsletter in February 2019 with an asking price of $425,000.

Another four-letter .COM that is a short, positive brand name with obvious potential uses within the wine or champagne industries. This name looks to have been acquired from FirstPlace Internet Inc. Brent has previously acquired names such as from this company. is a name that Oxley acquired from a MarkMonitor client. According to WHOIS history, the MarkMonitor client in question was likely to be Sage Software Inc, a company that operates on Sage also sold recently, via MarkMonitor.

Adding to Brent’s list of geographical domains that includes and is Acquired from a company that listed itself as LLC, is listed at under their “notable sales” section, which would signify that VIP Brokerage was responsible for this sale.


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