Chris Evans’ Former Production Company Sells to Company With $120 Million in Funding

If you’re a startup that has decided to brand yourself on a generic dictionary word, what is your domain name strategy?

For Ginger, the founders decided to base their brand on the domain for many years, carving out an identity that was far removed from the .COM equivalent, which they didn’t own. That is, until now.

Ginger’s logo

In a recent transaction, spotted by Josh Schoen of, Ginger looks to have acquired the domain name with the name now forwarding to

According to DomainIQ, moved under privacy protection to NameCheap around the end of September.

You would imagine that eventually, the company will switch entirely to, up until very recently, was owned by STV Productions Рan award-winning TV production company. Ginger Productions, a company originally founded by British TV and radio host Chris Evans, is a subsidiary of STV.

Ginger, the telemental health provider that acquired this name, has been in business since 2011, so why did they opt to acquire now?

The timing of the acquisition may have something to do with the company’s recent $50 million Series D funding round that was announced on August 6th, 2020. It seems that Ginger may have used some of the funds from this purchase

As for the sales price, that is currently unknown. I have placed a request with STV for information, but at the moment we can speculate that’s likely sales range was in the low to mid-six-figure range based on similar sales data.

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