Giuseppe Graziano Releases the Q3 Liquid Domains Report – $13.36 Million in Sales

Giuseppe Graziano is the founder of GGRG domain brokerage and, the liquid domain marketplace. Every quarter, he releases a liquid domain report in conjunction with and Intelium.

This 17th edition of the report focuses again on the 614,928 domain names that make up the liquid domain marketplace.

Here are the key figures from Giuseppe’s report:

  • $3,065,162 in publicly-disclosed sales in Q3 of 2020
  • produced $13,360,235 in liquid domain sales in Q3 of 2020. That’s up 48.14% on Q2.
  • processed $2,813,600 worth of two-letter .COM sales in Q3.
  • processed $5,422,550 worth of three-letter .COM sales in Q3.
  • processed $5,506,585 worth of three-character .COM sales in Q3.
  • processed $3,414,670 worth of four-letter .COM sales in Q3.

One of the most noticeable figures there is the $5,506,585 worth of three-character .COM domain sales that processed. That’s in contrast with the $129,204 of three-character .COM sales that have been publicly disclosed in Q3.

To read the full report, visit

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