Is NameCheap Going to Rebrand? This Suggests They Might…

NameCheap has had a great year so far. Recent financial statistics revealed to DomainNameWire show that the registrar has now hit 12 million domain names under management, with an increase of 653,000 names in Q3 of 2020 alone.

With 859,000 new customers this year and a 38.5% revenue growth in Q3 of 2020 compared with Q3 of 2019, NameCheap is gaining traction. The company also gained much of Brent Oxley’s portfolio after he moved away from GoDaddy earlier this year.

After such a successful period, is a rebrand on the cards? This tweet from NameCheap CEO, Richard Kirkendall, may suggest that there is:

With NameCheap’s recent growth, will the company be looking to publicly rebrand in a switch away from a brand name that the CEO has had long-term regrets about? Richard’s “more to come” ending to that tweet may suggest that NameCheap is working on something behind the scenes.

A rebrand away from NameCheap may help to reflect the new goals and values of NameCheap. From an outsider’s perspective, NameCheap is a widely different company than it was when it opened it’s virtual doors in 2001.

The values and goals of NameCheap in 2020 and beyond are likely to be far different to those of 2001.

NameCheap does already own another brand, Spaceship, using The company also owns the @Spaceship handles on Twitter and Instagram, a bonus from a branding perspective.

Would switching to Spaceship benefit NameCheap in the years ahead?

We’ve seen numerous examples of companies outside of the domain industry rebranding to a high quality brand and domain name combination, so why not NameCheap?


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  1. Richard, don’t go down this path. NameCheap, while at first sight might sound tacky, is actually now an iconic brand. Why piss about with a winning formula? I hope they remain NameCheap as it might be damaging if they re-brand imo.


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