Mike Mann Announces $94,888 Sale of LightRock.com

Mike Mann, the founder of DomainMarket.com, has taken to Twitter to announce his latest domain sale. According to Mike’s tweet, he has sold the domain LightRock.com for $94,888:

As of writing, the domain points to an Afternic landing page, and the domain is pending a transfer, presumably to the name’s new owner.

Naturally, given the domain’s status, we don’t know the buyer’s identity at this point, but there is a company active on the .CO equivalent – lightrock.co. That company is an investment, development, and asset management company based in New York City.

According to NameBio, LightRock.com at $94,888 will be the second-largest sale from Mann’s DomainMarket.com in 2020, behind Ready.org at $169,888.

If this sale is confirmed by DNJournal, it will currently rank as number 41 on the top 100 sales of 2020.

2 thoughts on “Mike Mann Announces $94,888 Sale of LightRock.com”

  1. I Google Light Rock and was surprised at the majority of results… Lite Rock. That got me to look into that as a domain name, which holds a BIN on Afternic for $7,999. It’s always interesting in the domain world.


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