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Peach.com Domain Sells – Brokered by MarkMonitor

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On Monday, the premium domain Peach.com underwent a registrar transfer, moving away from corporate provider MarkMonitor to Dynadot.

Those of you who have visited the Peach.com domain over the past couple of years will no doubt be aware that the name has been up for sale for quite a while. A blog post from Jamie Zoch of DotWeekly indicates the name has been for sale since 2018.

Now, it seems Peach.com has finally been sold. After the name moved from MarkMonitor to Dynadot, I contacted MarkMonitor who confirmed that they had indeed brokered the sale of this phenomenal domain name.

No sales price was revealed, and we currently have no idea as to who bought the name since the domain moved to Dynadot under privacy protection.

How much did the name sell for? Elliot Silver, who also spotted the name’s movement, revealed that he offered six-figures for Peach.com multiple times:


That would seem to indicate that Peach.com sold for a high six- or seven-figure fee.

In terms of branding, common fruit names are highly desirable. Apple. Blackberry. Orange. Peach and Peach.com are comparable to those established names from a brand perspective.

As for comparable sales, we have Kiwi.com which sold for $800,000 in 2016.

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24 days ago

Ah wow James, thanks for confirming. Definitely north of $500k but my best guess would peg this domain at an even $1M.

James Iles
James Iles
24 days ago
Reply to  Andy

I’d agree Andy. I think the name was owned by Sage Inc? So perhaps the price will come up in an sec filing at some point

24 days ago

They were asking $800,000. Would guess $300k-400k.

Peach.com Domain Sells - Brokered by MarkMonitor

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