From a 7 Figure Sale to a Premier League Sponsor in Weeks

In early September, I revealed that the domain moved from the possession of a prominent domain investor to a gambling company.

Sold by broker George Hong on behalf of investor Nat Cohen, the name was reportedly sold for a seven-figure fee, although specific details were not disclosed:

The buyer was Letou, a gaming brand with a wide customer base across Asia, who wasted no time in putting to work. Aside from using to now host a version of its main website, Letou has now used to partner with a major EPL (English Premier League) team.

While watching the EPL’s Aston Villa, I noticed that was emblazoned across the stands, and also holds a prominent place on the player’s shirts.

EPL Screenshot showing prominently displayed at the top of the picture.

This advertising is as a result of Aston Villa’s partnership with Letou, which was announced on September 18th, just under two weeks after Letou acquired In the announcement, branding is clear.

It seems as though was a vital acquisition for Letou, and an important cog in their sponsorship machine.

The purchase of has allowed Letou to prominently display their brand at worldwide sporting events without ambiguity. A smart move by Letou.


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