Name 1 Free and 1 Paid Service You Couldn’t Be a Domainer Without

As a domain investor, there are a wide number of services that are used daily. These services help investors to perform basic tasks, complete research tasks, or find comparable sales data. In essence, the majority of domain-related services help to make us better investors. But if you had to pick a favorite, which would you choose?

Recently, I took to Twitter to ask a simple question. What is one free, and one paid service that you couldn’t be a domainer without?

I prompted domainers to respond with their nominations for each category. There were some interesting responses, and a few unexpected picks. Here are some highlights for both free and paid services as offered by Twitter. These are in no particular order.


Free – Website:

NameBio – Website:

Domaining – Website:



DomainIQ – Website:

DomainTools – Website:

Efty – Website:

Estibot – Website:

DotDB – Website:


I couldn’t do any better than handing the limelight over to the investors and domain industry participants that responded to my question. So, below, you’ll find a list of the answers I received. Do you have your own suggestions? Comment below.

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