The Business Tycoon That Owns

How apt that a leading business tycoon owns the domain For those from the UK, you may be familiar with the name Peter Jones.

For those who don’t know Peter, he is a serial entrepreneur, and one of the stars of the BBC series Dragon’s Den – the British version of America’s Shark Tank. In many ways, he is the British equivalent of Mark Cuban, but taller.

Like Mark Cuban, Peter Jones knows a good domain name. He owns personal names such as, but he also owns the sought after

From archival records for the domain, it looks as though Peter may have acquired the name for an undisclosed sum in 2006-2007 for use in conjunction with his short-lived TV show, Tycoon. 

Despite the show’s short lifespan, Peter still owned and has made sure to use the word and domain name in connection to his business ever since. 

In 2008, Peter released a book called Tycoon, and in 2012 he launched an initiative called Tycoon in Schools to give students experience in running a real life business.

As of writing, holds a web page for the Tycoon Enterprise Competition, another initiative launched by the Peter Jones Foundation. 

It’s refreshing to see such a prominent entrepreneur initially see the power that a premium .COM can hold, by acquiring the name for his TV series.

Then, he embraced the word Tycoon and the domain by using the name closely within his business and charitable ventures. 

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