Wrap Technologies Upgrades to Wrap.com to Coincide with NASDAQ Name Change


Wrap Technologies, founded in 2016, is described as an innovator of modern policing solutions. It certainly gained traction, as, after around two years of operating, the company started trading on the NASDAQ.

Recently, Wrap upgraded from WrapTechnologies.com to the shorter Wrap.com after acquiring the name from an advertising company, SQAD LLC, based in New York. SQAD acquired Wrap.com during the purchase of Wrapsidy LLC in 2008.

Since SQAD’s buyout of Wrapsidy LLC, the name has hardly been used. Until Wrap’s purchase, which looks to have happened around November 10th, 2020.

The acquisition of Wrap.com came just before Wrap Technologies Inc announced the change of their NASDAQ ticker symbol from WRTC to WRAP. That change will go live on Tuesday, December 1st, 2020.

Tom Smith, Wrap’s president, and interim CEO said:

We are excited to align the new ticker symbol “WRAP” directly to our corporate brand and strengthen our visibility with public investors while providing consistent brand recognition across all stakeholders. We are protecting our WRAP® and BolaWrap® brands in 50 countries as our brand recognition continues to increase worldwide. The recent change of our corporate web site to “wrap.com” along with the new ticker symbol makes it easier for customers, current shareholders and prospective investors to find and follow our Company.

Moving from WrapTechnologies.com to just Wrap.com represents a significant upgrade for Wrap. Although that significance will likely go unappreciated by the wider public.

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