2020 Recap: The 10 Top Stories from JamesNames.com

After five years of writing at the NamePros blog, I decided to create my own blog in May 2020. In the seven months since, JamesNames.com has been well supported by the domain name industry’s wonderful participants.

Also, in those seven months, some of the stories, news pieces, and data-driven articles I’ve written have been well received. Here, I’m listing the top ten articles from JamesNames.com in 2020, ranked in descending order by the number of visitors each article received.

  1. AbdulBasit Makrani discusses his Afternic experiment. AbdulBasit recently participated in a follow-up interview, revealing that he has broken $500,000 in sales this year.
  2. The top domains owned by Mark Cuban.
  3. The once-mysterious buyer of RedX.com for $59,777 is revealed here.
  4. What should you do after buying a domain name? This checklist might help.
  5. In mid-2020, I looked at the top domain extensions that startups were using so far in 2020.
  6. Here’s a list of the top domaining podcasts you should be listening to.
  7. The top domains owned by Brent Oxley in 2020.
  8. One of my popular Sales Roundup posts, analyzing why Free.co.uk sold for $205,000, and more.
  9. YouTube star Aaron Marino disclosed that he acquired Enemy.com for $43,000 for his new venture.
  10. I analyzed 3,728 startups founded in 2020 to see what these companies can teach us about domain trends going into 2021.


Thank you for your support in 2020. If you enjoyed my articles, you could always buy me a coffee. See you all in 2021.

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