Launched by Former CFO

According to Forbes, this year’s Cyber Monday was the largest online shopping day in US history. It surpassed all expectations to produce a 15.1% increase over last year, delivering $10.8 billion in online sales for the day.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the seismic shift to online, but regardless of the specter that is COVID-19, sales have been trending online, and most companies have realized that.

Two entrepreneurs with a history in eCommerce have also realized that. This week on LinkedIn, the former COO of Home Depot’s online configurable business Global Custom Commerce, Omair Tariq, announced the founding of, an “eCommerce-as-a-service” platform that Omair is creating alongside Jim Jacobsen, another entrepreneur with a long and successful history.

For a new company in the eCommerce space, the domain is possibly the best you could get. The domain succinctly describes the service, company, and industry in one small package:

Based on WHOIS history, it looks as though the domain was acquired in September, with moving between two privacy-protected Uniregistry accounts. Details of the acquisition haven’t been revealed publicly, so it’s not clear whether this was an outright acquisition or whether there is a lease-to-own or other agreement in place.

What is clear is that in, Omair and Jim have the best possible base to build a defining eCommerce solution.

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