Has Invest.com Just Been Sold?

The Invest.com domain has a varied history with the name reportedly selling for a seven-figure fee multiple times.

In 2008, the name sold for $1,015,000 via Sedo/GreatDomains, and in 2014, DomainInvesting.com reported that the domain may have sold for $5 million.

In June 2016, I interviewed the then owners of Invest.com, who had raised $20 million in funding to create a portfolio management service.

The Invest.com name has been dormant for a while but in July 2020, TheDomains reported that Invest.com was due to be auctioned with a minimum bid requirement of $12.5 million.

There was also a legal dispute surrounding the name, which was expertly reported on by DomainNameWire, and seemingly settled in July 2020.

Regardless of the history, it looks as though the name has now sold again, with the WHOIS information available now displaying Safenames Ltd as the owner. The name is also in “pendingtransfer” status, likely on the move to Safenames’ own registrar.

Safenames is a British domain registration and brand protection company that has acquired some significant names on behalf of clients. The likes of Orb.com and Range.com are still displaying Safenames landing pages long after their respective acquisitions.

Who acquired Invest.com? That remains unclear for now, but we can safely conclude that assuming the name sold, the sales price was in the seven or eight figure range.



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  1. Fantastic domain and I won’t be surprised if it sold for 8 figures. It’s worth it to the right enduser.
    Thanks for sharing.


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