Possible 7 Figure Sales in 2020 – Part 2: Corp.com, and More

In part one of this mini-series, I took a look at some potential seven-figure sales from 2020. Since there has only been no publicly-disclosed seven-figure sales so far this year, Bullish.com for $1,080,000. Here, in part two, I continue that analysis with a few more picks of sales from 2020 that likely sold for at least seven-figures.



In July 2020, the domain Hero.com changed hands after being brokered by Mark Daniel of Domain Holdings. I have seen the domain listed several times in the distant past with high six-figure asking prices.

However, this time around, there’s a high chance that this name sold for a seven-figure fee. It is one of the best, positive, short brand names on the Internet, and I have heard of one or more seven-figure offers being declined for this name.

Although that’s just hearsay, the previous asking prices would help to suggest that now that the name has finally sold, it was for a seven-figure fee.

As of writing, Hero.com holds a “coming soon” page with strong indications that the new owner is from China.



For Microsoft, Corp.com has always been a dangerous domain. According to KrebsOnSecurity, whoever owns the Corp.com domain name has access to “an unending stream of passwords, email, and other sensitive data from hundreds of thousands of Microsoft Windows PCs at major companies around the globe.”

More deeply, there is a namespace collision with Corp.com, “a situation where domain names intended to be used exclusively on an internal company network end up overlapping with domains that can resolve normally on the open Internet.”

Years of testing proved that hundreds of thousands of Windows computers have been trying to send data to the Corp.com domain name. Fortunately, Microsoft acquired the domain name to protect its customers and their data.

It’s widely assumed that Corp.com was sold for a seven-figure fee, with the domain’s original owner putting the name up for sale for an asking price of $1.7 million in February 2020.

For Microsoft, spending a seven-figure fee to acquire a domain name that would otherwise have likely caused a massive, company-damaging data breach is a no brainer.

Unfortunately, the details of the transaction are unable to be disclosed, but it’s thought that this was a seven-figure purchase.



A decade ago, Bit.com would have been a valuable three-letter word .COM domain but thanks to Bitcoin, Bit.com’s value will have increased exponentially. The domain was being brokered by Evergreen up until early in 2020 when the name looks to have been sold.

Under Evergreen’s brokerage, the domain doesn’t look to have had a public asking price, but based on other domains of a similar caliber, Bit.com will likely have had at least a seven-figure price tag.

The domain was acquired by Matrixport, a Bitmain spinoff that launched a crypto derivatives exchange on Bit.com in August 2020. The exchange was backed by a 200 BTC insurance from day one.

In 2014, Bit.com sold for $300,000, but an end-user purchase facilitated by an experienced brokerage team has likely put this into the seven-figure sales range.

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