Rick Schwartz Confirms GoBet.com Sold for $935,000 in Total

The self-styled Domain King, Rick Schwartz, has a track record of producing phenomenal domain sales that very few other investors could close. In the past, Rick has cashed in on the likes of Porno.com, Men.com, and eBet.com for a combined total of over $10 million.

The latest Rick Schwartz sale is set to be GoBet.com. The deal was announced by Rick on Twitter, and reported by Elliot Silver of DomainInvesting.com. Initially, Rick reported that the domain deal was worth $850,000 after commission, but didn’t specify the commission fees involved.

In a follow-up tweet from Rick, he confirmed that the final sales price for GoBet.com is set to be $935,000, meaning that there were $85,000 in fees. The domain name is reportedly in escrow as of writing.

The sale of GoBet.com, assuming the sale closes in 2020, will be the second-largest sale of 2020 behind Bullish.com, which sold for $1,080,000.

Rick Schwartz reportedly acquired the name for $35 in the late 1990s and has hung on to the domain name until now, having previously rejected offers of $70,000 upwards.

This is not the only sale Rick is working on at the moment. According to a tweet, he is working on a second “blockbuster” deal that is due to close in January.

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  1. There is no proof that the domain is sold for that amount. If someone have bought for that much he would have operating website instead.

    It is all hype nothing more or he himself bought it and paid the escrow fees.


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