What’s the Best Domain You’ve Acquired This Year?

With just a few days left of 2020 and with the majority of readers taking some well earned time off, it’s an opportune time to reflect on the year.

As a domain investor, you may be thinking about some of the highlights of 2020, especially the best domains you acquired this year. Here, I want to offer each reader the chance to show off one domain name that they acquired this year. You can also optionally include your reasoning for acquiring the domain.

For me, my outstanding purchase of the year was Retoucher.com. Away from domain investing, I’ve been a freelance retoucher in some capacity or another for thirteen years. To own Retoucher.com, and to have the opportunity to ultimately use it professionally, will pay dividends in the long run. It’s a competitive niche, but the Retoucher.com domain gives me some advantages.

Comment below with the best domain you’ve purchased all year. It’s your chance to show off, but there are some rules:

  • You’re only allowed to post one domain name
  • You must own the name you list – if you’ve sold it already, or it hasn’t hit your account yet then don’t post it
  • You can include an asking price for the domain along with contact information if you wish (posted at your own risk)
  • Including a reason for the purchase is optional but if you do, it’ll help others understand your buying process


It’s your chance to boast about your best domain name purchase of 2020!


I’ll approve comments, but I’m not verifying ownership. If anyone does buy or sell a domain from the comments on this article, it’s done at their own risk.

25 thoughts on “What’s the Best Domain You’ve Acquired This Year?”

  1. My best domain acquired this year is Likelihood.com

    One word .com, widely used, which would be perfect for an AI (predictive analytics/insights/data) company.

  2. Money247.com

    i love this name…don’t know what i am going to do with it…but i love it

    whenever we get together with a group of friends, that’s all we talk about … money247

  3. DeFiSuper.com

    DeFiSuper is a Decentralized Finance Super Fund for blockchain-based Fintech and cryptocurrency superannuation and investment fund.

    Ideal for DeFi superannuation fund and financial services.

  4. NameB4.com. I was looking for a name to develop my website for domains and found it available.

    IMO, “NameB4.” (name before or name before dot) is identical with the term “domain”.

    Now, I’m excited to start developing my website http://nameb4.com where I’ll be displaying the names I have and try new marketing variations.

    Anyway, I’m also open to attractive offers for this asset!


  5. This year I bought quite a few (250+) which was a record for me (and includes a 100 name BrandBucket portfolio). Although it’s long, the one I like the most is KnowYourLegalRights .com.

    What stood out to me the most was its prior 5 figure sale price (up against what I picked it up for) and the fact that I have had success selling “legal phrase” domains in the past.

  6. pitfalls.org
    Success in so many things, including domain investing, depends on avoiding pitfalls. See use for any network of advisors.


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