Booth Brothers Announce Acquisition of

First-name .COM domains can be valuable brand names. The likes of,, and even have been transformed into valuable brands that have received significant backing.

For domain investors, common first-name .COM domains can be the most difficult to acquire, but the duo of Andy Booth and James Booth have announced their joint acquisition of the domain A name I’m certainly envious of!

The acquisition of was “years in the making,” according to a tweet from Andy Booth. It also seems the purchase process took a long time, as the name moved into an holding account at the end of August 2020, with the name finally moving into the Booth brothers’ possession in January 2021. was sold by the long-time owner who used the domain to host a consultancy business.

As a first-name, James is extremely common. According to, James is the most common first-name in the USA, with an estimated 5.52 million people called James.

What will the Booth brothers do with This may become a development project for James Booth, similar to MediaOptions founder Andrew Rosener’s development of the name.

Regardless, is an incredible acquisition for the Booth brothers. Although, I am perhaps slightly biased.


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