’s 2021 Masters of Domains List Revealed has released its latest “Masters of Domains” list, an annual report showcasing the top ten highest-grossing users of the platform. For the third year in a row, the first prize goes to Andrew Rosener, CEO and founder of domain brokerage company Media Options. The full top ten list is shown below.

1st: Andrew Rosener, Media Options


2nd: Keith Richter, Lumis


3rd: Ryan McKegney, DomainAgents


4th: Jeffrey Gabriel,


5th: Steve Miholovich, Name Arena


6th: James Booth, DomainBooth/MediaX


7th: Joe Uddeme, NameExperts


8th: Brent Oxley,


9th: Andy Booth,


10th: Vince Harasymiak, Domain Capital



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