, Sold for $400,000 in June 2020, Now Launches

After redirecting for six months, the website has finally launched.

In a deal brokered by industry giant GoDaddy in June 2020, was acquired by Curiosity Media for $400,000. A sum that signified that the buyer had major plans for the name.

Little happened with the name aside from Curiosity Media redirecting to its popular website. Behind the scenes though, the company was busy creating a new service. Curiosity Media’s CEO, Chris Cummings told me in October:

We plan to use the domain as the foundation for building for the premiere English learning application for Spanish speakers. We have over 20 years of experience serving millions of English learners through our website,, and we’ll be expanding our reach with the new brand.

It seems that now the company’s plans for the domain are coming to fruition, as has just launched.

In a recent announcement to its users, Curiosity Media publicized the fact that Spanish speakers wanting to learn English could now use the vast resources available at This is an opportune time to launch a language website, as learning a language is often a popular new year’s resolution.

Curiosity Media stylizes as Inglé in the logo and throughout the website. The company smartly acquired Inglé (which is actually too, in an undisclosed deal that took place around the time of the company’s $400,000 purchase of


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