Mark Ghoriafi Reports $50,000 Sale of

Mark Ghoriafi, the founder of domain brokerage, announced on LinkedIn that he has successfully brokered the sale of for $50,000.

The sale of for $50,000 comes off the back of another mammoth .IO sale brokered by Mark, for $80,000.

The .IO extension has had a stellar sales record recently thanks in part to the strong cryptocurrency market and the popularity of the extension among tech and gambling ventures in particular.

If the sale of is added to the domain industry’s sales charts, it will rank as the fifth-largest publicly-disclosed .IO sale of all time, beating James Booth’s sale of by $5.

The news of the sale of initially came to light during Mark’s NamesCon session entitled “The Curios Case of .IO and .ORG. name has already been developed and unsurprisingly, the name features a service catering to domain names that we’ll likely hear about in the future.

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