Domain Name Sells at BrandBucket

With between 75% and 80% of US adults wearing a mask, the domain name has become one of a number of premium domains that, perhaps, have risen in value. After the COVID-19 pandemic became a debilitating world event, the majority of the globe donned masks with an aim of reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

That meant that suddenly, masks became a must-buy item for many people. Google Trends shows that search terms for the “Mask” topic peaked in April 2020.

With President Biden having recently signed executive orders requiring masks to be worn in a number of public places, the necessity for masks is not likely to reduce any time soon.

From a domain perspective, it’s obvious to assume that both and would be valuable names to own at the moment.

Up until this week, the domain name was listed for sale at BrandBucket with a $2 million asking price. That’s up from a $384,000 asking price at the end of 2019. Now, however, it looks as though the name has been sold in what could be one of the first seven-figure sales of 2021.

As spotted by @netmate1 on Twitter, the domain moved from a privacy protected account to a privacy protected GoDaddy account, a move that happened very recently.

The sale of the domain name was confirmed by Margot Bushnaq of BrandBucket, but no sales price has been disclosed yet.

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